Great Juniors Season, Bears!

Eight Byron Volleyball Club teams wrapped up their season in the last few weeks. All of the players and coaches did such a great job! I had the opportunity to practice with a few teams and watch some of the tournament action. Here's what I saw:

  • Girls having fun! This is perhaps the most important goal for our club. It was awesome to see our players enjoy their experiences in practices and games.

  • Supportive parents, grandparents, and coaches. The Club season involves many forms of commitment, and that was on display from our volleyball families throughout the season.

  • Girls working hard to improve. Volleyball, at every level, is a game where so many mistakes happen. I was able to see some resilient play from our girls. They were willing to learn from mistakes and losses, which is a huge part of improvement. Sometimes it's tough to look ahead to the next point when you "mess up", but I saw many of our athletes do just that. Girls are STRONG.

  • Teams winning games! This is often a result of all the things mentioned above, and it was really cool to see our teams progress through their tournament brackets.

I owe a huge "thank you" to coaches for all they did during the season. Missy Barth, our Co-Director, put in so much work towards this Juniors season. Her behind-the-scenes efforts made so much of the volleyball fun possible for our girls. Thank you!

Coach Hoegh

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