The May 99 Point Challenge

Attention Byron Volleyball players! I've got a challenge for you, and it's simple. Score 99 Points in the month of May. Now, I'd bet you have some questions.

  • Should I do this, coach? This depends whether you're participating in a school sport right now. If you are, the kind of shape you're in for that specific sport should be your focus. You should sit this one out. If you're not in a sport right now, then the answer is a resounding YES! The 99 Point Challenge applies mostly to current 6th - 11th graders, but younger (and older!) VB players are welcome to join! We've got to stay active so that we can hit the ground running this summer.

  • But coach, how do I score points? I'll tell you. This is the scoring system:

1 Mile Running = 1 Point

1.5 Miles Elliptical = 1 Point

3 Miles Biking = 1 Point

1/4 Mile Swimming = 1 Point

20 Pullups = 1 Point

200 Sit-Ups = 1 Point

50 Push-Ups = 1 Point

  • How do I keep track of my points? Fill out THIS FORM either each time you workout, or once per week if you can keep track of what you've done for that long.

  • How do I know if I'm beating you, coach? Just look at this website. I'll keep some results posted. Good luck at beating me! I plan to go beyond 99!

  • What if I get to 99 points? You mean besides being in better shape than when you started the month? Besides the satisfaction you get from reaching a goal? Besides being awesome? You would also get a head start in our summer strength and conditioning goal for the summer. (Sports participants, you'll get this bonus as well.) If you want to know exactly what that is, I'm not willing to reveal that just yet. You'll find out at our Spring Meeting for Fall Sports in June.

  • Will this prepare me for volleyball in the fall? Not exactly. This challenge is geared towards keeping our athletes active. Our real volleyball-specific preparation will be different, and it will occur during the summer. This challenge will ensure that you're ready for summer.

As stated in the title, this challenge runs for the duration of May. Good luck to all!

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