Looking Back at Camp

The week of June 23rd was an awesome week for us! Nearly 160 Byron athletes came to camp to have fun and get better at volleyball, and I think that ALL of them were able to do that!

Session 1 was the High School group. The girls were able to learn and play (and learn from the play) a LOT. I really enjoyed training different positional groups every day. We were able to get quite specific about footwork and technique involved in hitting, blocking, passing, setting, etc., which gave the whole group some foundation for making amazing volleyball plays! We were really fortunate to have Coach Mitch from Kairos Elite Volleyball Club there for three of the days to impart us with some serious volleyball knowledge.

The 7th and 8th graders were in Session 2. They are a talented bunch of players! They were able to do many of the drills/games at a high level. It was great to see some things really "click" when they performed a tough movement or skill correctly. I also noticed how competitive many of them are, and how hard they're willing to work to win a point. That competitiveness is contagious, and I love it.

The 5th and 6th grade group (Session 3) was really impressive as well. They definitely look ready for our Fall VB League! This group was extremely good at listening, and it showed as they went through our skill stations. Their ball control was excellent. This group also had a ton of fun playing Smashball, which made its Byron debut in Session 3.

Session 4 saw about 60 1st-4th graders in the gym for each of the camp's four days. It was a sea of neon yellow! I really enjoy seeing those Byron VB Camp t-shirts around town, by the way! All of the coaches were impressed by this group. They worked really hard! We couldn't believe how well the girls were able to pass, set, AND attack. They were masters of the three step hitting approach, and that was evidenced by their vertical jumps! They had some epic Smashball matches to conclude each day. It was fun to see their passion for volleyball!

I'd like to thank all of the parents and guardians that signed their kids up for volleyball camp this year! The coaches and varsity players also deserve a HUGE thank you for doing such an outstanding job of helping out the athletes! It was a great week!

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