Byron Smashball League

for 3rd & 4th Graders

Dates: September 15th, 29th, and October 13th

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Grades: 3rd & 4th

Location: Byron High School

Cost: $25

Registration Deadline: September 5th


All players will receive one Molten First Touch Touch Volleyball (official size and lightweight), instruction from the Byron HS Coaching Staff, and mentorship from Byron Varsity players!


Each of the sessions will include at least 3 games of Smashball!


All players will also be admitted to two varsity volleyball home games for FREE!

Why Smashball?

Smashball is FUN to play! Volleyball is incredibly fun as well, but it can be a tough game to play and love as a young athlete. Smashball is an exciting game that is very similar to volleyball that can be played well at a young age. In Smashball, our Byron kids get to move, compete, and cooperate with teammates all while building the fundamental skills of volleyball! 

What is Smashball?

Smashball is a game that originated in the Netherlands to get young people interested in the sport of volleyball. It is based on three pillars of the sport; FUN, Movement, and Feel. There are several levels of Smashball, and the Byron Smashball League will be played using the Level 2 Smashball rules. The Byron girls played it at our Byron Summer Volleyball Camp, and they grasped the concepts of the sport very quickly. Here is a quick synopsis of the Level 2 Smashball rules:


1. Number of Players: 2 or 3 on each side (Volleyball is played 6 vs. 6)

2. Court Size: It depends on the age of players and space available. The court will be smaller in width and depth than a normal volleyball court.

3. Net Height: Low! The top of the net should be at the upstretched wrist of most players.

4. Play begins with a serve from behind the 10 foot line.

5. The receiving team catches the ball (either directly or after one bounce).

6. The player who has caught the ball throws the ball to her teammate (who has gone closer to the net to become the "setter").

7. The teammate/setter catches and throws ball to a teammate who hits (smashes) the ball over the net.

8. The defending team must catch the ball (either directly or after one bounce).

9. Play continues until the ball bounces twice on a side, or it is attacked out of bounds or into the net.

10. The team that wins the point will serve. 

11. Games can be played to 11 or 15.


***Level 3 Smashball Rules might be adopted later in the Fall Season. There are two rule differences. One is that the serve must be caught in the air before the ball bounces. The second rule change is that the setter must set the ball instead of catching and tossing to the "smasher".